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getting in tune
A novel by Roger L. Trott
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Roger L. Trott
Roger L. Trott was born and raised in the small Sacramento Valley town of Lincoln, CA, subsequently spending his high school and early college years in Redding, CA. He studied English, journalism, and economics at Shasta Community College, Sonoma State University, and the University of California, Davis. He is a former rock music critic who has played bass and guitar in bands throughout northern California. Getting in Tune, Roger’s first published novel, is loosely based on his experiences playing with these bands, which have taken him from gigs in San Francisco to club engagements on Washington’s Olympic Peninsula. Roger continues to live in northern California with his wife, Lisa Rea, their dog, Bobbie, and Roger’s four guitars and three amplifiers. He is currently working on a second novel of musical fiction and continues to write songs and play music whenever and wherever he can.
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